5 Things To Buy This Week

This is the first post to a new blog series I’ll be starting called “5 Things”. This week will feature 5 things I’m shopping for and why. I hope you find some inspiration for new products or ideas!

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions, and I was not influenced by any company to write reviews for them.

1) Nutritional Yeast

WHY: With meatless monday and vegan/vegetarian diets becoming more popular, it’s important to make sure you’re still getting enough essential B vitamins found in animal products. Just one tablespoon will give you your daily serving of B vitamins, and about 7g of protein. It has a cheesy, nutty taste that pairs well with salads, popcorn, mashed potatoes, eggs, or pasta.

Wondering which brand to buy? Based on reviews, these three are the most popular. I would recommend buying Red Star because it has the most vitamins and minerals per serving (almost twice that of Breggs). KAL is your best option for price, but you’ll have to buy a bit more of it.

Price/ oz Smallest Pkg Size Serving Size Calories Grain Fat Protein
KAL $0.58 22 oz 3 tbsp 80 1 0 1
Red Star $1.79 5 oz 1.5 tbsp 70 0 0.5 1
Breggs $1.20 4.5 oz 1 tbsp 20 0 0 0.5

*Prices found on Amazon.com
The table below shows you the % daily value found in 1 tbsp. of the brands product. As you can see, Red Star is most nutrient dense, then KAL, then Breggs.

B2 B6 B1 B12
KAL 240% 103% 273% 50%
Red Star 393% 320% 447% 87%
Breggs 160% 140% 180% 40%

2) Cashews

WHY: Cashews are a great staple for the pantry. Try to buy an unsalted variety as roasted nuts are often lower in nutrients, higher in salt, and have unwanted oil. They are great for a variety of recipes, as garnishes, or just as a snack! Cashews have flavanols that lower your risk of cancer, and are high in copper. Copper is good for your hair, skin, blood, and bones, so eat up! 

3) Svelte

WHY: Svelte nutritional drinks are just like Carnation Instant Breakfasts, Ensure, etc. without the nauseating amounts of sugar. There are 4 flavors: chocolate, french vanilla, cappuccino, and spiced chai. As a plus they are organic, vegan, and naturally sweetened with stevia. As they are high in fiber, protein, and various vitamins, these drinks are perfect for a breakfast on the go, a snack, or pre/post work-out fuel. They are a bit more expensive, so be sure to get your coupon here!

4) Single Serve Nut Butters

WHY: Great for taste-testing new nut butter flavors, and great for portion control. Pack one of these packs with your kids lunch, and then pack another one for yourself! Some brands that offer these are Justin’s, Peanut Butter& Co, and Barney Butter.

5) Cottage Cheese

WHY: Cottage Cheese is packed with protein and calcium to make a really easy low-carb option for breakfast or a snack. Here are my two favorite brands:

Serving Size Calories Fat Exchanges Grain Exchanges Protein Exchanges
Fiber One Low Fat 1/2 cup 80 0 0.5 1.5
Cabot Non Fat 1/2 cup 70 0 0 2

Do you have a favorite recipe using any this week’s 5?

Inspire & Share!



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