Healthy Quesadillas

1 1/2 fat, 2 grains, 3 proteins

This morning I gathered some leftovers to make a breakfast quesadilla. Feel free to use up anything you find in the fridge: chickpeas, corn, carrots, etc. I use this recipe whenever I’m in the mood for a quesadilla. (Yes, sometimes I want a quesadilla for breakfast ok?)20140304-001125.jpgAfter finishing off the quesadilla, along with a few other things, Kobi and I were ready for a nice walk in the park. I think Kobi felt a little too good- careful of the coyotes little one!

1 whole wheat tortilla 6″ [1/2 fat, 1 grain, 1/2 protein]

1 oz cheese [1 fat, 1 protein]

1 handful spinach

2 egg whites [1 protein]

1/4 cup black beans [1/2 grain, 1/2 protein]

>>Heat skillet and cook up your vegetables. Add eggs, and set everything aside once cooked. Heat tortilla and lay your mixture on half of the tortilla. On the other half, sprinkle the cheese. Fold over and press.

Serve with fresh tomatoes, salsa, avocado, sour cream/plain greek yogurt, or cilantro.


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