Peanut Butter French Toast

1 grain, 1.5 proteins20140321-103813.jpg

Yesterday I finished reading the book Drop Dead Healthy by AJ Jacobs. The reader watches as AJ takes on the quest to be the “healthiest man”. His first diet? Chocolate and alcohol. Hey, there are studies showing those are good for you! 20140321-103818.jpg Although it felt a bit tedious at some points, I really enjoyed following AJ’s journey through various studies and science claims. Each chapter is dedicated to a certain body part or system that he trys to get “healthier”. Definitely read this book if you have an interest in defining what it means to be healthy. You’re probably a lot healthier than you think! 20140321-103823.jpg

Here’s my twist on the breakfast classic french toast. I made this as a side in my breakfast, so the recipe below is made for 1 slice. Feel free to increase proportions as needed.

1/4 cup egg whites  [1 protein]

1 slice bread (I used Ezekiel Sprouted Bread) [1 grain, 1/2 protein]

1 tbsp. PB2

>>Combine PB2 and egg whites in a dish. Soak bread in mixture (~30 sec each side). Heat a skillet with nonstick spray/oil/butter. Cook toast on each side.

Top with powdered sugar, agave, cinnamon, cocoa, etc.

Serve with fruit, nuts, nut butter, etc.


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